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Cllr Brendan Simpson

Cllr Brendan Simpson


Rossington Parish Council

I have lived in Rossington all my life, 44 years now and am the son of Barry and Jackie Simpson. I went to school at Tornedale, Pheasant Bank and then Rossington Comprehensive – latterly renamed Rossington High School, leaving in 1996. Since then, I have, until recently worked in an accounting practice background around Doncaster and North Nottinghamshire. In Spring 2021 I took the opportunity to form my own company and now work for myself offering accounting support to a small portfolio of clients around the local area. This switch has given me the increased freedom and flexibility to utilise my time more proactively in different directions to suit myself, including showing an interest in becoming a Parish Councillor when an opportunity was publicised in Summer 2021. I have also recently taken on the role of Treasurer at Rossington Labour Club, where I also worked for eight years alongside my studying and early accounting years in the 90's-00's period. Outside of these current roles I just like to relax, I cycle and walk and follow the cricket (Yorkshire) and rugby union (Doncaster Knights) closely and am a big fan of cafes and bakeries!

I have gained lots of experience over the years from working within and alongside various village groups and organisations alongside the practical experience I gained in a professional capacity from those twenty-five years in the accounting industry and my time behind the bar in the Labour Club that will stand me in good stead to represent you as a Parish Councillor in the coming years. This experience includes fifteen years as an official at Rossington Cricket Club (1997 – 2012) which included involvement with Rossington Combined Sports Society and also as a Welfare Scheme Member Section Representative/Trustee, ten years and counting as Treasurer of Rossington Wheelers Cycling Club (2011 – present) and away from sporting circles as a volunteer / administrator of Rossington Community Connectors based within the Holmescarr Centre that stepped up to fulfill the various needs of the vulnerable via a network of volunteer 'Connectors' during the Covid pandemic lockdown periods when regular and structured services were either ceased or stretched beyond their means. The Connectors are still performing a significant role in our community some eighteen months later.

Here in Autumn 2021 the world is in a very strange place, with the lasting effects of the Covid pandemic, future climate change issues coming to the fore and the underlying implications of 'Brexit' currently make this far from an easy time for many, if not all – but in and around South Yorkshire investment opportunities are high, and the medium-term outlook seems to be good? In my lifetime community spirit has always been strong in Rossington and I see my involvement as a Parish Councillor representing Rossington as one way that I can help harness those opportunities and safeguard that spirit for those generations that have been impacted the most by these last two years of acute disruption and help ensure that Rossington remains in essence the place that we all want it to be into the future!

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